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Here at stampede recording we provide a plethora of services. From beat production, track editing, track mixing, and mastering, vocal production, song writing, even live sound recording, and managing. We can even provide live music for events since we have an active team of musicians who we have built strong relationships with.

We pride ourselves on our musicality and our knowledge when it comes to recording techniques. Stampede recording takes very seriously an artist's vision and workflow, we feel very passionate about our clients music and vision, but even outside of just artists, we can provide intro music for podcasts, youtube videos ect. It is our pleasure to help our clients and move them in the right direction.

Unlike most recording businesses we don't see this as a job because of our love for all things entertainment. We are constantly adapting and changing to our environment that we call the entertainment industry. We believe here at stampede recording learning is a huge tool to further enhance one's career! We must move together like stampede to drive forward our careers!


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vishnu r nair



K helmes

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MBM freestyle




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  • Setting up microphones and getting proper sounds , for vocals and instruments
  • Getting good headphone mixes
  • Setting up track layout
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  • pitch correction
  • rhythm correction
  • comping takes together
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  • Dealing with each track individually and putting each track in its place sonically
  • adding any type of effect, compression, Eq, etc.
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  • Global volume boost
  • balancing highs mids and lows
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Beat/vocal Prooduction

  • midi/instrumentation beats from scratch
  • building/assisting with vocal cadences
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Song writing

  • writing verses and or choruses for any genre
  • lyrical and midi/instrumentation
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